The Next Generation Graduate: College Readiness for Low-Income Students

What would you do if you had the exact money and support you needed to graduate from college and pursue the job of your dreams?

Did you know that 50% of college qualified low-income high school graduates don’t even enroll in 4 year colleges because of financial barriers?

Financial barriers and lack of family support are the primary factors that stop thousands of low-income and minority students from even applying to college.

Don’t let this stop you! There is A LOT of MONEY and SUPPORT out there and all of the tools and resources that you need are provided in the Next Generation Graduate Guide.

What’s Inside the Book?

The Next Generation Graduate guide offers an extensive breakdown of the following 6 components that are guaranteed to help you enroll and graduate from college:

 Financial Aid: Finding Free vs. Borrowed Money
 Overcoming Cultural Barriers: Winning Your Parents Approval
 Academic Preparation: How to Boost Your Appeal
 SAT & ACT Preparation: Scoring High on a Budget
 Nailing the Application: Begins with Strategic Selection
 Absolute Must Have Skills for Surviving College

If you are a student or parent who is admittedly lost in the haze of the college application process, or feeling doubtful about your ability to succeed here are a few reasons why this book is perfect for you:

• You’ll learn how to compile a brag file that will make the entire application process seamless and totally manageable.
• You will learn just how to calculate your expected family contribution EFC and even get schools to decrease you EFC based on special circumstances. This means more money in grants and scholarships coming your way.
• You will learn how to select colleges the SMART way, which means a happy life after college.
• You will learn statistics related to graduating from college that are guaranteed to win your parents over.

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